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1. Beautiful Newborn Child

Oh yeah I'm a child of the funky time; Oh yeah my people have committed ugly crimes; And in the process of me breaking free; I have inherited a painful legacy; I have even created some ugly children f...

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2. Black Plague

ohohohohoh; (gregorian chants); the bell tolls; the black plague has struck; diseased eyes roll upwards; as if knowing which direction their souls will travel; (bring out your dead); a woman in black ...

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3. Gto

In biloxi mississippi on a street called waterloo; At the roadhouse where the highway; Doe's a little number there with a 42; On a chasin' for some lovin'; On a humid afternoon; She's delightedhe's a ...

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4. Home Cookin

You hear that sound; Thats the sound of little feet; Running away from home; Little feet are always running away from home; To find bigger feet; And they usually end up getting kicked in the head; I j...

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5. I Don't Mind

If you've laughed, if you've cried, Then you've lived the life … you have died. I don't mind if the sun don't shine, And the winds don't howl. ; So the blues carried me away; Into the dreams of naked ...

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6. Laurel & Hardy

I wrote this song late last night; About my brother and all his might; And you would be so very kind; To listen to these words I've written; About the boy who seems quite smitten; But like no other yo...

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7. Out Of Nowhere

You came to me from out of nowhere, you took my heart and found it free, Wonderful dreams, wonderful schemes from nowhere, Make every hour as sweet as a flower to me. If you should go back to your now...

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8. Pretty Colors

I close my eyes and just see pretty colors, They're dancing just for me, pretty colors (pretty colors); Locked in my mind they'll always be, You'll never give your love to me, So i'll just close my ey...

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9. San Fracisco Nights

Strobe light beam, creates dreams; Walls move, minds do too; On a warm San Franciscan night; Old child , young child; Feel all right; On a warm San Franciscan night; Angels sing, leather wings; Jeans ...

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10. Sky Pilot

SKY PILOT; THE ANIMALS; He blesses the boys as they stand in life; The smell of gun grease and their bayonets they shine; He's here to help them all that he can; To make them feel wanted he's a good h...

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11. When I Was Young

When I was young; Eric Burdon & The Animals; The rooms were so much colder then. My father was a soldier then. And times were very hard. When I was young. ; When I was young. I smoked my first cigaret...

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