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1. Assault Of Bastards

The calm is broken, rules don't work, greed of blood; Better don't escape, cause there is no chance; By the axe smash the heads from the forehead to abdomen; Arrows run through old men and child; Sled...

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2. Barbaric Hordes

Raze; The barbarians come down under wrath; Rough; Bestial thundering disgusting roars; Death; Show no mercy and blow away all the lives; Slay; Thirst of violence won't be never quenched; Here comes t...

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3. Bazooka

Decimate! Pull down everything we don't like see no one in face; Out of tune! Pull the plug and you know ain't escape you'll die, die soon; Chorus: vile worms in coat 'n' tie; Dummies, golden backs ri...

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4. Crypteia

Give all your life to make war 'til your end; Cry and charge enter the battle in; Everyone who disobey will be killed; Exterminate who could have any will; ; Take the ilots and tear aside them; With a...

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5. Desert Riders

Savages with hate and motors; Come down to strike the necks; Truck with the fuel of sorrow; Run fast to never back; Destroy by all their weapons; Try to defend your lives; Dustroads know all the reaso...

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6. Devastation Lands

Violence and destruction; Who knows who'd survived; Remains through the dust; Old cities and cries; Lands of devastation; No life neither bounds; Death and desolation; Silence all around; Chains and l...

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7. Exterminatin Units

Ruins of assaults and battles; Buildings are crashed down; Blasts for the last disaster; Find weapons at discounts; Grave of reinforced concrete; Lacerated corpses; Killed by the metal outfit; Born to...

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8. H.i.y.c./troops Of Alcohol

Now time has come; Have no remorse; we will bring terror; Let's invade the streets; Madness is here; World's in our hands; Someone destroys; Someone vomits; Others enjoy; Soldiers of beer; Regiments o...

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9. Head-hunter

Loaded all my weapons and saw; Out in the city of filth; Entrails, piece of flesh, brains will flow; Now start the chase; Run in the heart of the night; Cry for the fear and despair; Lay by my animal ...

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10. Vomit Blood

Vomit blood on you, all my anger you suck; Vomit all my hate, intestine fuckin' hell; Until the dirty black rain clean up your fuckin' face, your fuckin' ass; Spit lungs on you, spit all my sweat; Spi...

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