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1. Conquest Is Atheism

Conquest is atheism; Delivered a thousand deaths; Exhausted is silence and harmony; Grieving pain, something fierce; Soul of the non-age; Based on the essential savety of god; The names of war; Religi...

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2. Dominanz

Starring at; The endless horizon; The silent waves; Move the shade; Dominanz; One dawn is left; 'Til their death; Mood is imbalanced; Heading home; Dominanz; The heaviest weapon; For a mislead nation;...

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3. Frühlingserwachen

Not the false operation; The capital has fallen; Lack of ressources; The tides have changed; Frühlingserwachen; Frühlingserwachen; Devolution of your life; False idiology; Welcome to chaos; This is En...

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4. Monotonus

it remains; desolate landscapes; dust silenced; perpetual warfare; defeat is unspoken; a grim propaganda; the essence of war; is victory itself; apocalyptic scenes; brutal climax; lost forever; hidden...

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5. Mute Their Ways

We are of one; From the ugliest exil we rise; Received to lance our enemies; Sadistic rapture; We crack the whips of god; And carrying the dead gene; Into the world of light; Remaining the emptyness; ...

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