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1. Different Tastes

DIFFERENT TASTES (END OF PIPE); Let me know if you want to try any other way; Don't come with any stupid song, I need something real; Doesn't matter if you agree or not; Don't pay for ticket only to l...

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2. End Of Pipe

For a long time, I’ve been searching for the truth; What’s the real way of life; And what really matters to me; And everything changes when I face the sea and the blue sky. ; I keep looking for the tr...

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3. Letters

Why did you go so far away?! Maybe I cant see you tomorrow; Honey, I have one minute more to say goodbye.... ; Are this simple questions still in your head? Please dont ask me whats real for me; Dont ...

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4. The Reason

When the weather is cold; It’s perfect to create a song or a melody; Makes me remember; “ This life is an endless lesson; Searching knowledge and …”; Just one knock at your door…; Just one fuck and no...

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5. Watching Us

They are still watching us, what the hell can we do now? Still your dreams want come in, just let them start. Take a look around and see what you have found; Think what’s the better way to live, for y...

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