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1. Drowning In Ignorance

Drown in ignorance of sorrow. Fall in pits of disgrace. Crying in the darkness, desperate for a; savior. Cry out to the Son, open up your eyes, Mercy is yours, stop the lies. Scholars worshipping the ...

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2. He Was Beheaded

In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God; And the Word was God; He was with God in the beginning. Without Him nothing was made that has been made. ; In Him is life; In Him is power; in ...

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3. Infernal Catastrophy

Millions dying disemboweled. So unholy were their past lives. There is no turning from this Infernal Catastrophy. If they had accepted Christ, took the cross and changed their lives, if they had repen...

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4. Into The Lives Of The Unblessed

Blinded eyes, like something you've never seen. The people have lost their vision. It seems as; though they are dead. Trapped by sin like chains that bind their souls. Their minds have lost; control. ...

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5. Misfortuned At Birth

Death! Torture! I have searched the ends of the World, trying to find my rewards. I cannot find what belongs to; me. It tears me apart from the inside. All my life I have dreamed of a great existence....

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6. Portal Of Demonic Torment

Feed the Spirit, fight the flesh. Worldly lust and worldly hate is here, Christ will conquer; all, he controls my mind. I am weak and feeling faint, burdens showing in my tired face. Christ; will make...

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7. Post Mortem Soul

Torn apart by sickened spells, the hour has arrived for death. Feeling a final tug upon his; soul, he meets his makers face. "Bow down before me," says God. "Vengeance is mine." there is no choice but...

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8. Prophecy Of Infinity

Praise my God for he is amazing. He will reign for all eternity. there never will be gods; before him. Give your sould to the King. Praise him, Father, Lord of Power. ; Take your life and follow Chris...

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9. The Price Of Submission

Lord Almighty, creator of the Earth. Shed your mercy in this life. Great is your hold in my; existence. Dwell in me, ward off temptation. I cry out, cry out the name of Jesus. Oh, my; saviour, let me ...

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