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1. Dark Divinity

Vengeful spirits have invoked my soul, Possessing my serenity, Vengeful spirits have torn me from bliss, My pain is now infernal, My soul screams with angst. Tormenting me, beings from the past, Encas...

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2. Dormant Impurities

Dormant Impurities; The violent upheaval of my senses, Has awakened my dormant thoughts, Vacant eyes stare back from the mirror. Inside me- pulsing urges, Of morbid - insanity, Depravity - controlled ...

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3. Inside The Inferno

Headed for abinding chaos; Entombed in god's paradise; Pandemonic destination; Prayers have reached an endless flight; Helpless are the faithfull now; As they look towards the amber sky; The blinding ...

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4. Prophetic Cataclysm

The falling of the stars; Descending upon the earth; Lords of enlightment... They fall; The souls of the righteous; Impaled through the heart; As your saints are weeping; Tears of blood; With the scre...

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5. Reign Of Ill Supremacy

A malevolant spawn of religion, With indulgent lusts for children, The decietful father of infection. Oblivious devastation, Blasphemous molestation, Pedophilic incarnation. Destroy the catholic creed...

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6. Shrine Of Souls

Reincarnated. I am all of your gods in one, I offer a new way of life, Violence, immortality, Embrace my faith, prophecy. Eat of my flesh, Peel back the skin, Drink of my blood; Taste the pure sin. A ...

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