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1. Bitter

[Verse One]; So this is love, so this is pain; I'm too tired to be brave; As hard as you fall, that's how you break; Over and over until it's too late; The battle was over; The blood never dried; The ...

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2. Blue Sky

So your conscience; Finally hit you; And you're feeling guilty; And you're wishing I was there; So you wanna say you're sorry; Well, please forgive me; If I'm too gone to care; You can take back your ...

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3. Mississippi's Cryin

It keeps running down; The tear-stained face; Of this lonely town; And I drown; And I keep reaching; For one good reason; Why you said goodbye; And turned around; Oh your leavin' me; In this empty sta...

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4. Rocks In Your Shoes

So you had some bad luck, life sucks; Can't do nothin' right; You took some wrong turns; Got burned way too many times; And so you fall back with all that; Hurt that just don't wanna heal; So then you...

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