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1. Adieu

Been a fool, been a clown; Lost my way from up and down; And I know, yes I know; And I see it in your eyes; That you really weren't suprised at me at all; Not at all; And I know by your smile it's you...

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2. Everytime You Kissed Me

Everytime you kissed me; I trembled like a child; Gathering the roses; We sang for the hope; Your very voice is in my heartbeat; Sweeter than my dream; We were there, in everlasting bloom; Roses die, ...

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3. Flying Teapot

Sometimes I think oh yes; I'd move to where all the shooting stars are gone; With all of our wishes; How could they bare oh no; To carry around the stupid human hopes; So I'm going to help I will; Giv...

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4. Forest

Summer rain falls on the apple branches; Lights from heaven dancing with the shadows; Come take my hand; Let me be in your forest; Sometimes you think loneliness is better than pain; And you sink deep...

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5. Old Lace (To John)

Daybreak touches my face, gently like the feel of old lace; Sun kisses me just like you; and reminds me of the things that you do; Love, want filled in your eyes; tells me that you tell me no lies; An...

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