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1. Blame

We were both born it a godless time; When I'd want nothing more than; To know you're mine; We played all the right notes; But it came out all wrong; But the music still plays; It goes on and on and on...

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2. Closer

Carry me down; Where the sky meets the ground; Where the waters still clean; Where I've planted your tree; Been watching it grown; Since so long ago; And ripped off the leaves; While they were still g...

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3. Go Home

I'll spend the next six months drinking, drinking; And I will love no one but my mother, my mother; You cannot count on me; Stop counting; You better find your own way home; Go home; I will not be you...

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4. Long Gone

Waiting for a sight from the good lord; I refuse to be ignored; Cause I need answers much more than food; Waiting for the good lord to save me; Drive you out to the country; Yet we're still haunted li...

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5. Nothing New

I've got nothing new to offer you; Just my body and soul; And if that is not enough for you; Well I think that you should go; You opened me up; And saw inside; You don't like what you see; I apologize...

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6. Ten Thousand

Far and wide, I've searched for the coin; In the mouth of a fish; And I have found nothing yet; Call on the half moon to shine it's light onto; your loaded heart; Well this has gotta start; Wish I cou...

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7. What Happened

Holding just to hold on; Hoping just to have one more day, one day; But since you shined a light on; All my hopes have all gone away, away; Collecting your secrets while I sleep; Tucking them away now...

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