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1. Circles In The Sand

Circles In The Sand; If I still believed in this idea of luck; I’d make a dozen excuses so I’d have to; I’d have to give up; But my time is running short I’m counting days; The tide has come it’s cras...

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2. Driving Blindfolded

Driving Blindfolded; I had one day this dream; I woke up with my teeth clenched; And my head felt like a brick to the floor; It wasn’t from the night before; It was a dream where I fell; From a blue s...

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3. Pair Of Fools

Pair of Fools; To break from this vine; Will lead us to fall like dead branches; We could reel in our line; Then wonder how we could spin back the wheels of time; We’ve been running from the curse of ...

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4. Set Your Bets

Set your bets; You let these chemicals; Help you find your way; It's a card game you just should not play; Set your bets; Your art is your death; You'll paint your masterpiece and take your last breat...

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