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1. Following You

It's a long drive from your house to mine; It's a quarter past ten and you've just now arrived; So tell me some things you like and we'll give them a try. ; Just don't ask me what we should do 'cause ...

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2. Holiday Drive-in

Verse; Im trying to remember everything that we did earlier this evening as I play Back the night we just had in my head; We drove out to the movies and caught the picture playing at 9:30 fold down Th...

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3. Joanna Open Your Eyes

Under the night sky; With the rain falling down in our eyes; And we are soaked our hands so cold; But tonight I hold you close; Tonight you know it?s all right; You don?t have to hold so tight; Joanna...

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4. June

I walked out; Onto wet and empty streets; With no one around; But the nightingale’s sweet sound; And I thought all about; Summer days in June; The way you looked at me; When I looked at you; It's all ...

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5. Leaving Tomorrow

Verse; This is the second town today, that I have been through; And though I keep on looking, I know I wont find you; Cause I left you yesterday, over 100 miles away; With nothing more than an open do...

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6. Love Takes And Breaks

I think you should go now; It's better when you're not around; The constant phone calls; And I have not picked up on a single one; Cuz I need some time; Without you in my life; Chorus:; And love takes...

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7. More At Ease

And I should've never said that even though I thought it before I spoke; And I should've never said that and now I know you don't wanna hear about it; And I should've never said that. It sounded bette...

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8. Short Love

This is for all the girls; Who never got to know me; And who touched these lips; But never really got a kiss; And who held my hands; And maybe even learned a few things; But unfortunately; You didn't ...

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9. Tired Of Pretending

Well I guess it was wrong; For me to come here; Cuz so far you've not said a word; Or even passed a glance my way; Well okay and that's fine; I'll take aplogies this time; And if you decide; To maybe ...

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10. Your Goodbyes

I can still remember; When you pulled into the drive; And kissed me for the first time; Say you didn't want me; Well how was I supposed to know? Not from the way you were looking at me; Sorry to keep ...

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