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1. Crash And Burn

Elise Estrada – Crash and Burn; Oooh Oooh. I'm sorry babe. ; How could I be such an idiot? We're talking through the door please open it. I'm down on my knees and the neighbors can see, That I regret ...

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2. I Be That

Hey! Oh! Hey! Oh! Can we get a little closer; Got something you wanna hear. I know I ain't supposed to, It's only for your ear. ; Let me make you go oh-oh oh oh oh oh. Make you go oh-oh oh oh oh oh. W...

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3. Lipstick

I know the lipstick won't fix it; But I've gotta put my game face on; I wish mascara could mask this; Until all the tears are gone; I've gotta paint the pain away; Make like - I'm ok; Pretend I don't ...

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4. One Last Time

It'd be easier if there was someone else; I might understand if we had a fight; And we're lying here; But you're somewhere else; I don't wanna see what you don't feel; So just turn out the light; I kn...

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5. Poison

(Your love is like a poison); My heart is racing; My skin is burnin' up; Hands are shakin'; But still I can't get enough; It's rushing through me; Like fire in my veins (My veins); Sweet veins (Sweet ...

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6. Unlove You

Unfair .. unreal; I wanna tell my heart it’s a quick steal; that’d be one way; to unlove you; Undressed; Unkind; That I can’t erase you from my mind; That’d be another way; To unlove you; Even though ...

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