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1. Gasoline Dream

Cold game of a wicked, wicked mind; I become so addicted to your kind; Gasoline dream; Burn my heart to the ground; Heart to the ground oh; All that I see; Fucked up love suicide; Always on my mind al...

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2. Lucky Strike

No rules apply, they just pass us by; As I tell you all the things you wanna hear; 'Cause it feels so right, I see it clearly now; As I rest my feet and let it all out; Where we're heading? Where we'r...

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3. Naked

Oh I feel what you feel; What you feel; Eyes wide shut, taste your touch; Tomorrow it's over, we're strangers again; My oh my, stop thinking for a while; Let's make our bodies come undone tonight; I, ...

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4. Shoot You Down

You build it up and every time I tear it down; Tryna gimme what you got but it's not enough; You think that you know it all now that's a shame; Won't you come and get it on cause it's time to play, li...

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5. Sunday

Let's have a drink on Sunday; And give a fuck on Monday; 'Cause I'll be gone by Tuesday; Just come around and waste your time with me, oh; New flames, still the same, think I'm running late; Dream awa...

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6. The Fire

Come and follow; Come and follow. Come and follow. Come and follow me; Turn it up, listen up, take it high; yea I'm feeling that I'm coming alive; They keep hating 'cause they don't know what it is; N...

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