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1. All Black Everything

I'm so sick without you, baby; I'd even doubt you can save me now; Pick up the phone, why you're playing? You know I hate leaving voice mail; But fuck it, I'ma spill my heart out right after tone; If ...

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2. I Just Wanna

[bridge]; Girl you single tonight; With some shit you ain't like; Bout that nigga that was lovin' you just the other night; You've been workin' all week; Know it's hard on your feet; Let me take some ...

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3. Strange Fruit

We've been talking too long; So baby what is you on? You say you've got a man home; But you can't fight what you don't know; If you bought it, I'll be over there tonight; You can ride it, and I'ma mak...

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4. Towers Of Tokyo

As the words hit my ear; And her eyes cut me deep; I was only fived heartbeats away from losing everything; I believed, it was mine cause I had it; Not because I deserved it; No matter how I try to pl...

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5. Vicky's Secret

While you take off them Vicky's; Girl, tell me all your secrets; I'm all ears, I'll listen; I promise I can keep them all; I'm way past my limit; And I ain't even drink shit; Tipsy of trippy; Baby you...

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