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1. A Song For Chris

And the lord said, He can’t choose to ignore; A failing heart brings new life through song; So they called for him; They golden books written code; A feather clipped and inked with God’s Blood; Christ...

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2. Captain Iceberg

Pardon me, this is the last time I shall interject; I know you care for me but you see I am just a shadow; Flood the deck boys; Abandon ship green horns; They call me the captain; Just call me Captain...

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3. Chapter 19

Check out the mess I’ve made; I’m 19 and I’m plotting graves; I’ve got some special K; And an 8 ball of fun; 3 bags why not; Tonight I take the bible to the grave; Well I’m going out; Oh yes, I’m chec...

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4. Codependent Carcass

Do you see me? oh, do you see me? The one you laid callused hands over; And did you drink? oh, did you drink? No, daddy doesn’t touch me when he’s sober; Silence… what I’ve done to you; Will pass on f...

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5. Dreamer

I’m dreaming, Dreamer; I’m dreaming, Dreamer; You thought you found someone; But you can’t write a single thing down; Dry ink well, no scratch; But she feels like a heart attack; I think I found love ...

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6. Hello, I'm Your Lost Cause

Lower your eyes I'm stuck in the middle; I've spent my sense buying a little time for love; Lower your eyes don't get caught in the middle; Hoping that hope will guide the you back into us; Chalk up, ...

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7. More Ironic Than Alanis

If I took some time to think about the hydra in me; A nine headed monster for those who aren't Greek; I'd see one staring not liking what he sees; The other 8 trying to drop the guillotine; But 9 surv...

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8. Never Ever Say Never

I never said enough; I never said enough; I could never, never, ever not invest that much; I'll never show the real me because I'll burden my family, And no I didn't find out until kissed my daughters...

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9. Pray For The Sniper

I’m tracking something cold; Deadly but barren and not of this world; So cunning it has been told; Charming and treasured; This diamond is charcoal; And with a miners heart; You dig the darkest soul; ...

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10. The Descent

Oh god, oh god, oh god; it’s you I see; I’m staring at you right? Through the placenta I’ve seen; Is this a breathing being? Is it a breathing being? Oh, that’s a baby you see; Well, that’s my baby I ...

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