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1. A Morning Song

Love of mine, what gift of mine; Shall I give to you this dawn? A morning song? But mornings don’t last so long; The sun will rise behind those eyes; And brighten a darkened day; But like a rose; This...

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2. Blood From A Stone

I’m not the boy of seventeen; I’m not the child that touched your feet; Things have changed for you and me; Not as we were and what we’ll be; The love has changed, the love is new; But nothing’s left ...

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3. Bombs Bomb Away

Born to a world of sorrow and pain; Born to a time of so much disdain; For those who find joy in the eyes of a child; And beauty in light, and calmness of mind; (Chorus); So, bombs bomb away; And kill...

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4. Don't You Know

You sold your heart for a dime; You left when you had done your time; But is it so? Don’t you know? Don’t you know? I loved you so; Don’t you know? Don’t you know? You hurt the ones you love the most;...

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5. How Long

How long have you been gone; My Love, why are you so withdrawn; Alone am I can’t you see; Do I need a sign to beg you please; Come let’s go and leave this land; To far-off shores without a sound; Shou...

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6. I Am Blind

I am like a wall; Too high to hear your call; I do not honour you; Feeling two-foot small; I hide within these walls; I do not speak the truth; I cannot face; All the lies and the disgrace; That we al...

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7. Oh Heartbreaker

Are you as foolish as you let on; Who are you fooling; Is it the stars above? Why must you do this; Is in your hands? Where are you going; Somewhere far? A promised land? Oh, you heartbreaker; Command...

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8. The Seven Seas

I’ve lived a life of a thousand lifetimes; Searched through land and sea and air; Climbed the peaks of the Himalayas; Scoured the abyss of the Dal lake; I’ve sailed across the seven seas; From Black t...

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