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1. Crosstalk

I’m talking to you... ; Cut the superstition; Let it all hang out; Make a clear decision; And we will work it out; Crosstalk; Let it all hang out; Crosstalk; Tune into the sound; Join the jam session;...

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2. Esperanto

You‘ve got the perfect pitch; For the universal language; Esperanto muziko la lingvo futuro

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3. Information

Information want’s to be free

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4. Kissing The Machine

You‘ve come a long way from just TV; From a distant voice To ecstacy; Now you need to know what's on my mind; Can I break your heart with every time; She gives no love but won’t let go; And when she f...

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5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle; Just another headline; Lifestyle; Stealing your time; Get a new hairstyle; Buy a new dress; Check the design; Sweet success; Welcome to the in-place; Drive the right car; Hear the hip music...

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6. Overdrive

I blew the fuse; I blew my mind; Kiss of life; Overdrive; Down down down down; Down down down down; Undergound; Down down down; Overdrive; Underground; Down down down; Overdrive; Wall of sound; Down d...

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7. Show Business

Sell it on a talk show; Put it on a video; Say it on the radio; But never let the truth show; Acting in a feature; Become a TV creature; Put yourself in place; With a smileing face; Show Business; Ima...

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8. Tv

Hier ist das 1. Deutsche Fernsehen mit der Tagesschau; Good evening good evening; Buenas noches sinoras y senores; Medames et messieurs bonjour; Guten Abend meine Damen und Herren und herzlich willkom...

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