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1. Fight Until The End

Fight Until the End!!! woke up in the morning; ground beneath my feet; bad taste in my mouth; it make no sense to me; here´s another trouble; there´s another sin; A Funky sound is coming; Give a chanc...

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2. Motown Beats

you got style but ain't got no soul; hanging around and foolin' no one; i'll show you how to do in my way; screaming out this beat drum name; motown beats; motown beats; groovin' me; groovin' me

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3. Uncolored

Uncolerd; feel the silence; no one is around; the depths of an ocean; with no blue at all; feel the silence; between you and me; it´s like those walls; that can´t be seen; Just grey lines; with no lif...

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