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1. Another Perfect Day?

Today I stopped and stared, I realised I just don't care, A chasm black and wide, Between me and mankind. ; I've walked this earth 1000 years, Seen the pain and the tears, An outcast all alone, Take m...

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2. Barbarian

He left the northern hills to seek his fortune; A lone Barbarian with only death lust to guide; But he carved a kingdom of stone; King Conan, sitting on his bloody throne; His black mane sweeps across...

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3. Behemoth

His blackened wings shadow the Earth; This age of fire is his rebirth; Awakened now in these troubled times; He's come to judge us for our crimes; Behemoth; Behemoth; Day of judgment, it has arrived; ...

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4. Black Butterfly

Terror above, beautiful as the night; Black butterfly in full flight; Traveling through the void of space; To this long forgotten place; Druids gather at the circle of stones; To worship the ancient o...

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5. Burnout

I wish I could dream; Dreams turned black I'll never see; Can't you see nothing is real; Transparent world I cannot feel; I cannot feel; Imprisoned within my brain; Dried and burnt out; Chemical stain...

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6. Demon Lung

I've got a 12 ton demon on my back; Whispering shit in my brain; Martin witch on a bitch whip death trip; Begging me to do it again Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! She'd been to places her mothers never seen; When ...

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7. Devil's Bride

Dressed in black; Satan's bride; No turning back; She'll bear his child; Devil's bride; Devil's bride; The Devil's nod; Initiate her; Thirteen candles; Upon the altar; Devil's bride; Devil's bride; Al...

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8. Doom Mantia

thirteen gather on a moonless night; the morning star is burning bright; followers they sing and dance; the pipes of pan have weaved a trance;

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9. Dopethrone

Dope priest prophecy; Doomantra from beneath the sea; Green throne, raised to the black sun; Doom child, wake to planet song; Rise, black amps tear the sky; Feedback will free your mind and set you fr...

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10. Dunwich

Dunwich child; you know not your fathers name; dope numbs the pain; ascend dark wooded hills to kane; your mothers witches; burnt at the stake for sorcery; you were conceived; upon the altar, rites ob...

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11. Eko Eko Azarak

Black pyramids under martian sun, Priests chant ancient necropsalms, Summon winds across the desert sands, Sun sets on this dying land. ; Black ships tear through martian skies, Earthbound send by sor...

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12. Electric Wizard

one day we were a sitting and a wondering where it's at; when down came a dragon with the wizard on his back; he said to us step on board, i'll take you for a trip; and off we flew off into space, the...

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13. Flower Of Evil Aka Malfiore

Malfiore, My flower of evil, Maledicione, Curse yet beautiful. ; Malfiore, Priestess of evil, Maledicione, Enslaved to you I kneel.

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14. Funeral Of Your Mind

Your burnt and twisted mind is to blame; The lies a coffin for your brain; Your future now rots away; Cos it's your funeral every day; It's the funeral of your mind; It's the funeral of your mind; Los...

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15. Funeralopolis

Funeral planet, dead black asteroid; Mausoleum, this world is a tomb; Human zombies, staring blank faces; No reason to live, dead in the womb; Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance; Condemned t...

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16. I Am Nothing

Stillborn children. Saturn's children the living dead; We have created this abyss, darkness, surrounding us; Raise the flag of hate against this human race; Rise and kill & wipe them all away; I Am No...

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17. I, The Witchfinder

I am Albino, evil witchfinder; I'll cleanse her sins, For witchcraft I condomn her; My implements of torture are bloody red; Your confession to sorcery will leave you dead; I am Albino, evil witchfind...

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18. Incense For The Damned

You say drugs are evil; But your world seems worse to me; I don't give a fuck about anyone; Or your society. I just need; Incense for the damned; Our lives are condemned; Incense for the damned; Our l...

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19. Ivixor B / Phase Inducer


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20. Lucifer's Slave

We are lucifer's slaves; Born dead we'll never be saved; When we're high we are free; Our blood weed & lsd; Cos... losers got nothing to lose; We are sick of your abuse; The chosen few and the living ...

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21. Mountains Of Mars


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22. Mourning Prayer

Poison clouds in the sky; Acid rain in my eyes; Starving children of my TV; Victims of technology; Politicians, can't they see; Their greed is destroying me; Politicians, are they blind; Time's run ou...

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23. Return Trip

the sun burns in the stranger's eyes; just one more tear before he dies; black mass can't ease the pain; there's nothing here, there's nothing sane; i hope your fuckin' world fuckin' burns away; i'd k...

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24. Sadiowitch

Enslaved to the black drug; Her web surrounding me; It knows my weakness; Forever my priestess; The black drug took my soul away; Her venom my blood; My tortured mind is numb; Now I am a slave; Foreve...

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25. Satanic Rites Of Drugula

under saturns rays I rest in eternal sleep dopesmoke violates my tomb and awakens me; clawing from the grave my batwings spread; their blood filled with drugs, so high, so dead; your dope laced blood ...

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26. Saturn's Children

Crucified by the sun, In the shadow of the iron cross, Saturn's children come, Invoke the supercoven. ; Many armed we strike, Like wolves in the night, And the cross turns to black.... ; And the child...

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27. Saturnine

a black sun rises everyday; shadows cross my path as if to say; "change your ways, change your life; look up to the sky"; tomorrow'll soon be here then time to die; I hear if death bell tolling out my...

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28. Solarian 13


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29. Son Of Nothing

dying sun fades in our sky; the time has come to say goodbye; construct the pods we must evacuate; to the stars, is this to be our fate; oh baby, just maybe we'll take you; to the sun of nothingness; ...

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30. Stone Magnet

Drawn by the power of the ultraviolet sun; Spinning eye of the Lord, it looks upon; Magnetic cobs spread forth and spin a web; I can see a thousand worlds right here in my bed; Oh yeah; Looking all ar...

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31. Supercoven

Black sun master; Under starless sky; Black stone alter; They pray to the sign; The old ones were; And they shall be again; Yog sothoth is the gate; Interplanetary alignment predicts their reign; Supe...

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32. The Chosen Few

Hail covens this is it; A 1000 amps toll the end time riff; The sky a coffin lid; All condemned beneath its shadow; The chosen few, the chosen knew; Spelled out in the stars his prophecy; Raise your f...

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33. The Hills Have Eyes


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34. The Sun Has Turned To Black

Earth torn from it's path by meteoric pass, Showered by debris, Continents crumble, our cities funeral pyres, Crash into the sea. ; The sun has turned to black, No turning back, They hide amongst the ...

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35. Time To Die

This barren earth defiled by man; Raped & tortured, yeah whatever man; Hatred, greed & misery; Is this to be, our foul destiny? I wanna scream but I'm sick; This world inherited by the weak; But I don...

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36. Torquemada 71

baby writhing on my torture rack; necrosadist; your naked flesh bears His mark; feel my caress; Torquemada 71; I am the inquisition; Torquemada 71; from your sweet lips, confession; Torquemada 71; my ...

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37. Vinum Sabbathi

Extracted essence of the stones; Narcotic of the faceless ones; I awake on planet black; Freezing moon, no turnin back; Forbidden sorcery; Vinum sabbathi; Now i'm a slave to the black drug; Forced to ...

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38. We Hate You

A seed of hate from the day I was born; My right to vengeance from me has been torn; Hopeless and drugged - my black emotions seethe; Loveless and cold - my hate begins to breed. ; Black nebula, seeth...

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39. We Live

Fist cracks the earth, Coffin womb for rebirth, Betrayed by the living. ; They soon shall be giving, We live, Not dead, We live, We kill.... ; Can't fucking die, Can't fucking win, Got something to pr...

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40. We Love the Dead

I creep amongst the graves and crypts; I love the dead, the living make me sick; Profit & greed, bleeding the world dry; You laugh at me but when you die; You will be mine; We love the dead, dead eyes...

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41. Witchcult Today

come fanatics, come to the sabbath; thirteen dressed in black are here; screaming, naked our altar; kissed by the whip now satans daughter; our witchcult grows... ; black goat forms from dopesmoke; Ba...

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42. Wizard In Black

(sample:) you're all the same the lot of ya; with your long hair and faggot clothes; drugs, sex, every sort of filth; and you hate the police, don't ya; you make it easy... ; a tower stands on the edg...

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