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1. Blood, Sweat, Tears

Blood. Sweat. Tears; blood, sweat, tears, the barking years were always on the run; tried so hard to get away, but they don't know what from; maybe there's something in the darkness, that’s what hides...

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2. Tell Me What Went Wrong

I was hurt, you gunna tell me what went wrong. And tell me wheres the money gone. Give me what i want. Same old faces, Same old clown. Tonight i'll live in different town. Bring me up and then i'll fa...

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3. These Grey Days

I've been short of logic so; I'm passed out on the patio, this cold and stony floor. And i've been here before. 12 times, I'm slime and i've got one thing on my mind. You're on my mind. ; Well she wil...

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