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1. Dendrochronology

Do you seek out a teacher? A vagrant man who roams the Danxia; In search of ancient eyes? Well don't be surprised if that affair proves to be nothing more than vaticide; Do you see yourself as a preac...

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2. Houses Movement III: Rust / Rebuild

One sacrifice for another, or were we made to suffer; And work our hands to bone? The vultures will circle my thoughts above; Inferno; Gate keeper, have I paid my penance; And sacrificed enough for yo...

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3. Humble Ledger (Gnostic States)

First, we must prove we can work; That we are deserving of the penance and the sacred dirt; Because our constitution is buried int he soil; While our ambition seeks to ascertain and toil in the high; ...

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4. Sri Vishnu Yantra

Blessed and graceful; Like a copacetic art connected from the start; By the meek and faithful; That comprise our counterparts and set us apart; Awake; Find your faith or supplicate your God what you l...

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5. The Familiar

Starved for the light; Sleepless dream of mine; Conjure me; Cast a circle; Rouse my soul; Say my name; I don't want this grace if the meaning is empty; I only want to sing if it wakes your mind; I don...

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