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1. Last Reign

Looking at the horizon, I can see the hell; The greed of man, I see; A true chaos hard and cruel; Mankind is falling to the ground; We are dying one by one; I'm like a blind man; Waiting of the last t...

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2. Never Say Goodbye

What is changing on us? Every night I do same question to the heavens; And I keep waiting of answers; She is like the sea; She is so unpredictable like the waves; She is sensitive and so explosive; Wo...

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3. Strong Wings To Fly

Here time flies and this is inevitable; We grow older every sunset; ?Cause this has always been the system; The world never stops turning; For a long time; I repressed my dreams and wishes; For severa...

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4. The Dead Garden

This is my garden; All gardens here are like this; So dry, so lifeless; One day I'll find a new garden; These fragments, used to be my mirror; All these mirrors, reflect the same thing; The false imag...

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5. The Innocent's Eyes

It’s been some time, but I still remember; That cosmic night anesthetized my disturbed mind; Beautiful dreams became nightmares; Voices screaming inside of my head; I feel the changes of time in my sk...

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