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1. Collision Course

Slow down; It's a collision course; And right now; I am not willing to let go, at all; These ugly thoughts that are chasing me; There's no way I'm leaving this time! Slow down; It's a collision course...

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2. Diamonds and Landmines

I wasn't thinking of you; When I decided just how you should be; I wanted that which would make me whole; I wanted something I didn't even know; You are the screen I project in; Diamonds on the moon; ...

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3. Heroes, Kings and Gods

All heroes kings and gods; Cannot let go what you hold on to; Doubt your beliefs for once; Cause no one holds the truth for no one; It's so insane; Everyone is trying to be someone else; Living for so...

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4. Just To Call You Mine

Are we truly ready to go; Through the gates of peace and freedom? Would you be there to dance with me; Even if that means giving up your reasons? How many times within a lifetime we'll let fear rule o...

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5. Last Ride

We deny all; Keep our free fall; Or dig the truth out right now; Turn on your lights; I'll meet you on the inside; Last call; Last time; Getting on; Getting on the last ride; Lay your head down; Anoth...

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6. Lifeporn

Hey you; As soon as you born; They give you a name; They teach you to blame yourself; And everyone else; Do you know you erase yourself; To live through the eyes of anyone else; You become a lie; I've...

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7. My Own Deceiver

Hey, Wont hear me I want to help you; Hey, well I know maybe that's not true; Hey, But I just need your attention; Give me your mind's eye and let me rule your time; Hey, I can talk a little louder; H...

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8. Now!

I'm craving for something to fill up my time; We should be scared of the illusion; of living here forever; The fantasy of future ruins the real life; Without any hints of what comes next; I lost my li...

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9. Old Love and Skulls

Time doesn't work; It's just another lie; An attempt to control; Old love and skulls; Somehow managed to survive; Inside my world; Maybe one day; Life or death will bring the chance; And I'll meet wit...

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10. Same Old Story

I am; The one you blame; When nothing stands; I am the ruthless truth that you avoid; There's a space; A silence you don't want to face; I'm the light; The light that shines in every end; Children lea...

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11. Still Here

Right before your eyes; What you valued is gone; But we still here; Right before your eyes; All the magic is gone; But we still here; We still here; All the saints will fall; Time dissolves; And we st...

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12. Sublimated

All the rage you made me feel; When I found your betrayal; There's no forgiveness out there; No forgiveness out; And your mind is stuck in guilt; No, no, no. Don't pretend here now that you are what y...

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13. The Searcher

To rest my head erase my pride; I thought it was yours but it was mine. You don't really sleep or wake, do you? So what are we looking for? You wouldn't give up being right, would you? I've seen this ...

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14. Try (There Will Be Blood)

Your silence crush my words; I'm speaking loud again; One more time we start to fade; Is this the end? Is This The End? I think I'll heal but there'll be blood; Still I feel there'll be no sacrifice; ...

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15. We All

I'll meet you there; and won't matter if you won; So get some rest; We don't need most; things we want; Kings and crowns fade out in time; We'r going down; a long way to nowhere; And there's no finish...

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