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1. Better Than That

Have I scared you off again; 'cause it seemes as if your cheeks are losing color; Still you're eager to pretend; and you're feeding me signs; while you look for a place to take cover; Go on, claim you...

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2. Burn Me And Blind Me

There's a cryptical manner between us; I've never sensed before been trying to get past; whatever it is that's jamming the door; but no matter how hard I try to get through; I always come crawling rig...

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3. Close Behind

Trough Paris, untouched yet by summer, we ran from the rain; Two lucky sparrows intrigued by; adventurous flame; Trough cities and seasons and all kinds; of weather we stand; Together still, my friend...

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4. Didn't Try

Broken mirror, seven years of bad luck; I'm too supersticious to relax and let it slide; A broken promise, seven sins on my back; I'm so blinded by illusions that I can't keep track; of what is real a...

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5. Drown

So you strike once again; I can feel your evil manner on my shoulder; you are hiding in my bedroom once again; I'm holding my breath, trying mot to cry, but you're covering my face; I never thought yo...

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6. How Does It Feel

Fold your ears, i'm 'bout to say something stupid; You don't wanna hear another sentence; caught of the blue; This little miss Pretentious, in a phase; of misdirection; Wants to aim a little tendernes...

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7. Much To Cry About

I have tricked you into thinking; I am someone you could love; and that explains the candles and the incense; Trying to be oriental; claimed to own a crystal ball; and told you that we had a future wa...

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8. Rosie

Rosie, I've been drafted; I'm a solider now 'am 'bout to die; for my nation with my brothers. Come dear wave me off, but please don't cry; I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up; but my undyi...

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9. Skinny

Mirror, mirror on the wall; Ruthless to your victim; Suiting you becomes my love; Tied to my reflection; Hunger takes a hold of me; Making my decisions; Glossy fashion magazines will feed my new addic...

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10. Spare Me

Spare me your sarcasm; I'm not the victim here; I'm not the one facing eternal boredom; I am not your flower; I am not the addict; And I'm not the one fading in a; green-coloured office; So hell yeah,...

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11. Waste Another Day

What a day to sleep in; What a day to waste the hours one by one; What a day to sit down; And do absolutely nothing in the sun; We are young and unafraid; We are free to be relentless; So let's have a...

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