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1. Chaos In Mind

You gave me life, now you've gone; Thousands days watching the walls from my room; Trying to live after my own death; With a gift from the gods I did all I wanted; Buying girls, fun, friends, caress, ...

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2. Gears Of Insanity

I remember the last days of my life; Trapped inside four walls surrounded by machines; Pushing buttons one by one, over and over again; Spending every second of my days, Seeing my future turn into a h...

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3. Humanvanity

Promoting their image as a product; Satisfying their own egos; Breaking the equilibrium of the words; In this brave dead world; I don't wanna hear your blood pollution; After all, you don't know what ...

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4. In a Dream

I feel the realm of mist and dew it's hovering around me; I hear the the note of a siren's song luring inside me; To leave this world; To dream a world; Today; To leave dismay; In a dream I don't feel...

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5. Life's Symphony

Day after Day; Life is passing by; I can't' find my pieces; To all this sorrow, torture and pain; Into this nightmare I tried to live; Into my sadness I'm trying to survive; Into this darkness I'm try...

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6. Out Of Control

Voices are calling out my name; Choices are turnin'out in my head; I need to find my own way here; On this fucked and wasted society; Living on illusions; hiding of everything; Limiting my feelings; '...

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7. Rise For The Fallen

We burn in gloat from our fortune; When there are those in torture; Blame will never get us higher; Cant walk away from fire; All the ones that fell; For every one of our mistakes; The steel in our re...

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