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1. May Day

Wanna be with you, in everything I do, I wanna see you, every day and night, When I was so lonely, I felt this strong desire to love, But it went too quickly, and now I´m burning - hot, And now I´m bu...

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2. Meet My Friend

Meet my friend, he knows every little trick; Meet my friend called Dick (repeat twice); I've got friend; He's so much fun; And I know he's ready for action; He'd like to fire; And wake up your desire;...

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3. U.s.s.r

Day in the night; taking places in the train to Moscow; Now I'm coming back to drink some iced vodka. Landscape in white; sun is shining through the icicles; I'm dancing in the snow to balalaikas. ; T...

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4. Up And Down

Life is a game; Nothing´s ever the same; No matter how much you can try; Everything´s fine; When you have a good time; But minutes later you could cry... ; Up and down I´m always feeling unstable; You...

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