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1. Do Anything You Wanna Do

I'm gonna break out of the city; Leave the people here behind; Searching for adventure; It's the kind of life to find; Tired of doing day jobs; With no thanks for what I do; I know I must be someone; ...

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2. Get Out Of Denver

I still remember it was autumn and the moon was shinin; My '60 Cadillac was rollin through Nebraska whinin; Doin a hundred twenty man the fields was bendin over; Hay down our motor mount and snowin, w...

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3. Quit This Town

There ain't no place for me today; Sure ain't no reason for me to stay; I'm tired of wasting precious time; I'm waking up to leave this time; I'm gonna quit this town; Stop hanging around; I'm gonna q...

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4. Teenage Depression

Well I'm spending all my money and its going up my nose; My Daddy's found me out and he's tearing up my clothes; My probation man says you know you ought to quit; I said now don't you hang me up now w...

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