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1. California

Oh your coffees gone cold; In the middle of a northern storm; For the south coast of britain I don't think; You can't expect much more; Than a train ride, through a country side; That don't glitter li...

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2. Give It All

We packed our bags; And ran as far as we could go; To find a place; That we could finally call our own; And until now the road; Is all I've ever known; And I can't say I've; ever felt at home here; An...

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3. Hold On Tight

We built a ship; And we followed the river bed; And we're running from our fears; As we push for steam ahead; She moans just like a whale; Between the river and the rest; And the cracks that are in th...

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4. Holy Water

Oh my love, I'm incomplete; And I feel it burning deep inside of me; And I ran for shelter; Seeking mercy from the storm; But there was nothing I could hide beneath; I'm not afraid, of losing everythi...

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5. Homeward Bound

Well I'm sitting at the railway station; Got a ticket for my destination; And on a tour of one-night stands; My suitcase and guitar in hand; And every stop is neatly planned; For a poet and a one-man ...

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6. I Could Never

This is how it's always been; Nothing ever changes; 'cause that's who we are; And I broke a thousand promises; But I never hit the bottom; Of your cold cold heart; You were in all of my dreams; So how...

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7. Pictures

Oh my lover can't believe; We've come this far; And I still wake up; Every morning in your arms; And I don't say it nearly enough; But you just don't know; How beautiful you are; Mhmmhmm; And you know...

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8. Truth

The moment she said it I was already gone; I don't know where I'm headed; I'm just chasing the sun; Oh and the feeling ended; Oh before it was gone; And it all came crashing down; All I could do is ru...

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9. Weak Heart

The air was still when we first met; And she held my gaze; And I held my breath with all my mind; It felt like hours, or maybe days; But when I close my eyes, I see her face; I see her face, yeah; And...

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