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1. A Handful Of Nothing

With closed eyes I greet the fallen; Joy denied autums calling; Withering beauty scornful madness; My redemption; A sanctuary from a year of failures; A home for the broken; Time to rest my weary bone...

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2. Cosmical Transformation

World keeps spinning round my head; Vague rejections will transcend; Truthful faith for the worlds inside; This fairyland can't be denied; Embrace me in secrecy; This world's for real not a dream; Rig...

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3. Demon Ride

Execute the face of fear inside for real exercise your demons; Lose control; Behind the doors of sanity, Take a trip to were; No one goes; Down and out filled with doubt I saw the truth; Through a bot...

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4. Deviation

Out of chaos etched inside; New way of thinking state of sublime; Renewal, redemption this life is yours to form; Revalue, and question abhor the common norms; New mind, new life; Break away from stan...

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5. Erised

"En ledsen batbyggare";

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6. Evergrey

Forever, we're lost beyond a day; Tomorrow will bring bitternes and fragments of hate; Our sickening lives, will die behind; Silhouettes of evergrey and scars from yesterday; The dreams we keep inside...

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7. Freak Jesus

Shiny like tomorrow but dead as yesterday; Moulded thoughts drowned in human day; Hand of claustrophobia tears my soul apart; Depression seems to be my only friend; Trapped in human patterns like a sc...

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8. Hands Of Doom

So you choose to stay imprisoned? Cause the walls will never speak; But as the hands of doom consumes your mind they will watch you bleed; So you turned away for ever? Left your dreams locked up insid...

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9. Harvester Of Pain

Beaten, torn by the invisible, the face of all disdain; Jaws of hate around my spine and i die once again; We colour our lives with useless lies and end up in misery; Always hungry we scream for more ...

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10. Inferno

Burning... A nauseating taste; Pointles... Your life is such a waste; Bouncing and battering the beast in my skin; Aggression has come to grow; Forcing my feelings to step out of me; Relentless to the...

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11. Involuntary Existence

Defected perfection another truth so full of lies; Corrosive laughter is all that's left inside my mind; I follow my instincts, I try so hard to understand; No more choices. Now I'm stuck what a shame...

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12. Lowdown

Apathy this life is plain boredom; No will to live and I couldn't care the fuck less; It raped all my dreams and distorted my visions; Replaced my joy with sorrow; I'm drained on emotions no longer in...

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13. Lucified...Evil As Hell

Spawned of chaos I'm blessed with no pride; 666 is my mission in life; Possessed by the demon that lives in my soul; I'll slow down when I'm six feet below; I'm determined I'll never give in; When I'm...

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14. Moonlight

Dim the light of human sight cause I fail to see the meaning; My own thoughts are choking me when I try to breathe; I can't control the wicked things planted inside my head; Trapped inside the black t...

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15. Nectars Of Eden

I feel the heat from the flames; I'm dying the essence of pain; This bitter life has come to an end; My mind is tired my heart is bleeding; I can feel the taste from the nectars of Eden; Never again s...

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16. Negative Creep

So I'm fucked up inside more dead than alive; Never followed the norm where I've been no one goes; I kill myself for what it's worth mediocrity is sin; I wipe my ass with moral standards I follow what...

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17. Opacity

Crying I cannot believe the world that I see; Is not for me; Praying please take me home; I'm here all alone and slowly I fade; If you could see my misery; Would you believe in opacity? The hate that ...

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18. Outraged

I saw your ugly face again and I despise the way you crawl; You reek of lies and hypocrisy and all your values are so dismal; Always the same you passing judgment and blame cause you're afraid of what...

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19. Scenario

Relentless - grief is thy name; Innocence and beauty but the song remains the same; Hatred builds pressure, I'm scorned by the flame; All our scars we hide inside; To fit the puzzle we must lie; Leave...

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20. Skunk Hour

We all try to catch the beauty, in a world that's mouldering; And we dream of tomorrow, anything to ease this pain; Can you deal with the truth, can you deal with life itself; Or will you hide behind,...

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21. Soulcrusher

I wreck your monuments of life I destroy the dreams you build; I twist my arms around your spine 'til your pathetic blood is spilled; Life is not forever but you gave me all your trust; As a friend I ...

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22. Spoonbender

All the pain is mine leave your guilt behind; I'm not dying for you; All my wounds are real and my scars won't heal; A world drenched in blood; Burn my eyes, I see the world without them; Terrified, y...

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23. The End

I'm falling headless downwards; Screaming like the filth inside of me; Burning like a fallen god dropped from high above; Dying to be released from it all; Filth, Hate, Angst, Against; Burning my cand...

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24. When Depression Speaks

Depression is calling; Its face has been shown; Direction nowhere; A world painted black; And when I reach the highest point; It finally crushes me down; All my dreams are now withdrawn; As it slowly ...

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25. With Tears In My Eyes

In this mournful sadness, I feel right at home. I hide my face; From your eyes. I try to carry on; My soul is burned and I've been burned for the last time; Never again will I face the pain, I won't o...

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