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1. Child's Play

Every sugar mama; Get back; Piece by piece; The petals fall; Tumble to the ground; I feel it's time, oh no; It's time she knows; He said, she said; The rumor swell; All my voice; Telling me, oh man; S...

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2. Crazy Beautiful

Once upon a time; Never thought I'd find; Myself eye to eye; Smile to smile; Now for a while; Didn't notice passing time; And all I know; I was here alone; Before you walked by; Well it's nice to meet...

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3. Crazy Beautiful 2

Flash and light; The silence grow; What's that burning? Is it over now? Love through the fight; Been through the hurt; Now I'm surrounded; For better or for worse; Wanna break the silence; If we're go...

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4. Falling Slowly

I don't know you; But I want you; All the more for that; Words fall through me; And always fool me; And I can't react; And games that never amount; To more than they're meant; Will play themselves out...

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5. Farewell

Well, it's too late to compromise; You've already hurt me once; And baby, I can't take twice; God, I feel like hell tonight; Cause I know you care; I know you feel; So horrible about what you did; Bab...

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6. Lost Transmission

Take all these moments by the hand; And set your heart loose; Someday just let yourself dance; With nothing to prove; I see you falling in line; You keep to yourself; You wear a mask; You hope it help...

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7. Nowhere

When the earth begins to break; And I fall through; And the deaths take my sight; And I cannot find my way; When I'm buried underneath; Oh, I look to you; Oh, hold on to you; You remind me of true lov...

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8. The Siege

Up, down; Looking for the pieces; Looking where the peace is; Found now; In the light beyond the door; Behind those city walls; I can hear you call; Calling me home; I'm taking the the ground; Never l...

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9. U

Shook down, free fall; Somehow gotta hit the ground; Now, not out; You're right, I'm wrong; Can't hide, I can hear the; Sound, loud; I let you down; You speak your mind; Take your time; I'm strong eno...

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