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1. Allure

Circling the bait; A door way down the hall; It's up and to the left; It's not a room for company; Not for friends, or for family; Marked with a warning; Six panels of faded mahogany; The only barrier...

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2. Avarice

Cracked streets mirror the faces of the lean; Repressed by a split society; The gutters overflow with poverty; A judgement is passed faster; Than the water and the bread; Ive endured all the seasons; ...

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3. By Faith

There is nothing more dangerous; Than arriving at hopeless; My bed was made of it; There is nothing more frightening; Than a life without meaning; My bed was made of it; I got sick of lying in it; Lis...

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4. Driving Out

We search for peace to flood the streets; Flicker of light to drive out the night; Abundance of love to dissolve disgust; But I'm still searching for; What that looks like for us; Love, it will not ce...

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5. Eclipse

Death claimed this day for its own; The life I had planned is now gone; The world around me fell; Even the air around me has become my own fiend; I fought, altercations I've spat; Till my body had gro...

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6. Heathen Heart

You see there is this concept; That has consumed my head; And it's very same thought; That has been turning me over in my bed; Do you hear that unfamiliar rattle? The sound of my knees as their growin...

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7. Price Tag

The artist oh the artist, behold perfection in his masterpiece; He opens up his mind and spreads it across canvas; An expression of who he is; He opens up his heart and spreads it across canvas; This ...

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8. Propaganda

Power up all circuits go; The flickering of lights; It's so captivating now; And my mind's sucked in; A box in the corner of the room; I reside my mind behind the glass; The matters of my life will ha...

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9. Reign

Who can open the doors of his mighty face? Around his teeth there is terror; His back is made of shields; Shut up so tightly and sealed; One is so near to the next; No air can come between; His sneezi...

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10. The Estate

I've stared these walls down for hours; I've watched cracks in the plaster as they crawl the wall; Encouraged by the stirring, in foundations; Brought by the changes of the elements; I hung the painti...

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