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1. All You Know

What's the story? You know, you know; I've seen it all already; I can't stand the silence; Please wake me up; There's gotta be forwards; My thoughts are empty; I feel like I have no story; Please wake...

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2. Become Mad

Hiding quietly in my room; I was hoping you wouldn't be back so soon; Felt my heart pounding as I crawled; Slowly on the floor; Felt your presence piercing through; Guess I was never good enough for y...

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3. China

Everywhere you go they grab your hand and don't let go; Try to make you stay; They embrace you, give you everything you need; But they don't understand; One more day in your world, you keep on trying ...

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4. Face Me

Step out of the shade, and I'm not afraid anymore; Yes, I declare war; I won't fall asleep, I'll stay up and keep singing this song; Until I prove you wrong; Will you ever realize it's not my fault? S...

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5. Falling To The Ground

You're wasting your life waiting; Waiting for it to come; You do nothing to get there; You just sit there waiting numb; You're the prisoner of your own doubts; Surrounded by enemies; Selfish pride wit...

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6. Goodbye

You stood by me through the hardest times; You gave me everything, you were my solid ground; You picked me up when I was down; And you were there when there was no one else around; No, I'm not turning...

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7. Junkie

You smile at me from the side of your eye; Like we're sharing some kind of joke; While I sit here and watch your head; Go up in smoke; Looking around for someone to sell to; Now, that's part of your g...

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8. Leave Me Alone

Don't tell me to stop; No, you don't exactly set a good example; Stay right where you are while you criticize me; I can't bear your lecture; I think I've figured out; What you're all about; So maybe y...

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9. Memories

Funny how in just one moment things can turn upside down; Wish I could turn back time to when you were still around; All I've got left is memories of your face smiling at me; Used to say that we shoul...

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10. Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn Cover)

Don't wanna be sly and defile you; Desecrate my mind and rely on you; I just wanna break this crown; But it's hard when I'm so run down; And you're so cynical, Narcisstic Cannibal; Got to bring myself...

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11. Oblivious

This evil disease took over you; Erasing everything you knew; You tried your hardest to hold on; You don't even recognize my face; Exploring this unfamiliar place; I wonder what it's like to start all...

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12. Old Friend

Hello, old friend, do you still think of me? And how I used to be? We never went too far. I can't stand the thought of being with anyone but you, But I can still remember all the pain that you put me ...

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13. Over

We’re slipping down, we're climbing up; Seems like we've reached a dead end; We keep fighting, keep making up; Looks like we're going nowhere; Doesn't help when you try to cover it up; You know we're ...

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14. Picture

I will always remember; The picture I had in my mind; Of us growing together; I never thought I'd leave you behind; And we shared the same vision; We were never gonna quit; And I always thought you'd ...

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15. Shell

People around can't always tell; Whether you're in or out of your shell; Finding the corners, sitting alone; You turn out the light and hang up the phone; You're looking at me through desert eyes; Tha...

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16. Someday

I'll wake up from this slumber someday, someday; I'll find my long lost answers someday; someday when I get out of here; I know I will get better someday; I know this will be over sooner than what you...

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17. Wasteland

For so many years you were locked away; And you never really got the opportunity; To blossom, and pass on your masterpiece creation; They're so ignorant, they don't understand; You were always longing...

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18. What If

Let's say, I fell into place, I feel much better; I don't remember a thing; Would it make you think of me as normal again? Let's say, I found a way to climb up this ladder; Won't stay down here for lo...

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