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1. A Common Wealth

forgotten faith; dreaming of space; covered retraced; remember the way; failing with doubt; they journeyed without; courageous unsure; on borrowed time; weathered the days; no end to the line; turning...

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2. Centralia

monumental masterpiece; fading in the sun; picture windows billboard signs; to view when something's wrong; rusted river towns; twisted metal lines; power lines pull grey skies down; falling through t...

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3. Light In August

the southern cross provides; then buries them alive underfoot; the frozen days at fall; the burdening weight at work; belief in the cause; the light in august hides; the distance in our lives; weather...

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4. Offshore

Hurricane windswept march; A road leading to the sea; A landmark for defeat; Ghost waltz fishing camp; Her presence and her delta eyes; Stained glass mystery; Abandoned boats drift by; Stillness and d...

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5. Santa Carolina

california dust golden day; a thousand blackened hours; vacant soul; river blinding white; over flattened land; conversation drives; faith in reward; water running slow; returning from; distant fallin...

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6. Silvergate

it's cold outside; isolation in the wild; many mountains to climb; to silvergate; where the days are wild; night falls fast and dark inside; the stillness awaits; in a barren mine; where our fathers d...

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7. Summer Ends

autumn falling; the seasons change; i'll change your mind; focused within; an open space; a wounded los; this reckless life; i wondered lost; stretched into lines; a willowed stare; the windshield dri...

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