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1. Bebe

I got a funny story that I'd like to share with all ya; Ladies and gents just holler if this ever happened to ya; I'm driving in my car on the way to the studio; Singing a melody that I had in mind fo...

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2. Lay It On The Line

I hate to say it, you were wrong; I saw you coming from the start; She made you think she was the one; I always knew she'd break your heart; So she was out with your boy, Dom; On the floor in a slow g...

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3. Old School Love

It's funny, how memories; Keep bringing you back to me; Just when I started to get myself together again; Thoughts of you; Come creeping in; Met at a party in June; Wasn't really tryin' to notice you;...

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4. Somethin'bout U

Fire inside trembling; Every time I hear your name; Babe you don't know what you do to me; I been thinkin' maybe; It's time we get together; I really wanna get to know you; [CHORUS:]; There's somethin...

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