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1. Broken

Ooh; Another long lonely night; Without her by my side; I’ll stumble through a stolen life; If I can’t make things right; But if I had the chance to tell her; Could I find the words? Seems to me no ma...

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2. Change

What's hanging you up? What's getting you down? Open your soul to me; There is no part of you; I don't want to see; You can't be all you hope for; All of the time; No one can; So just be yourself toni...

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3. If You Walk Away

the girl may smile the way you do; and touch me like you too; but still she wont be you to me; the world may turn the way it does; but i wont be in love the way i am now with you; oh it was tangled in...

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4. Show And Tell

Won’t you show me? Tell me, yeah; I wonder what I’ve got to do; Anything to get to you; Baby, anything at all; I wonder what I got to say; I don’t care what games we play; Baby, I won’t drop the ball;...

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5. Strange

You want to give it up; You can’t let go; You wanna say goodbye; But say hello; I wonder what the world looks to you, mmm; Doing the thing with your fingers in your hair; You don’t need to act like yo...

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