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1. Darling Song

I'd like to say what I'm feeling for you now; But I don't know the way how; So please understand all the feelings inside myself; It's hard to find the words in my head; And if you want to know how lon...

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2. Fantastic Boring Song

Time goes by so slowly now, I can feel the earth go around; Inertia wants to through me away; But here's the place where I belong; Although I'll lose myself someday; Now gravity remains strong; Should...

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3. I Will Follow Your Steps

In the happiest days, in the darkest nights; Pretend I'm ok, although I'm not; It's always the same, when you're not around; That's why I tell you, leave steps on the ground; I'll follows your steps; ...

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4. I Won't Wait

Full of emptiness; Bloody missing the past; All the things you said; Cannot erase your acts; You came to me, you touched my skin; You stole my breathe and you made me sink; But now I see the space bet...

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5. Keep Staring

I see the stars, they tell me your name; They look so glad but they're fading away; They've got the shine of your bright eyes; They want to hypnotize me; Through me in your life; But now it's getting ...

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6. My Angel

Suddenly appears in my life; And honestly changes it for better; I don't know where did you come from; But seriously it doesn't matter; ; I just want to know your name; I love you so, I won't forget; ...

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7. Near and Far

I'd like to stay, but I gotta go away; I wish you'd say for me to wait; By you side and so dry you tears; I think it's wrong to take so long; For you to show what we both know; You feel for me everyon...

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8. Night Lady

Uma orquídea rara, entre um mar de rosas; Que Deus escolheu para o mundo perfumar; Abelha rainha, minha estrela guia; Que na noite escura vem me visitar; You and me were in your dream; Why can't we tr...

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9. Platonic

Starts on Monday morning; Lasts until late afternoon; Knowing you a better way; Made me fall in love with you; And it's always late at night; When I think of you the most; In everything I wanna say to...

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10. Running Away

Why does it has to be so hard; Live all time with sparks of life; Looking for the words to say; All the things inside my heart; Oh that time is not the same; From there many thing have changed; I didn...

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11. Sunlight

I feel alone, I feel so strong; I'm feeling something I don't know; I'm feeling down, I look around; There's something wrong I haven't found; Everytime you find the way to go; Know how hard is walk th...

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