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1. Anagram

I'm gonna like it; minds on placebos; Looks like I'm annoying; Shit that I won't give you; So far, I can't be near; I'm seventy percent shouts; besides, I won't let it grow up on me; watch out; storms...

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2. Baladinha Ii

I'm crying my fire to you; and gauging my rope; Is now that the days turns blue; and coal leaves the heart; time's chasing me out with guns; and I'm keep loading; I'm letting my shadow die; meanwhile ...

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3. Criminal

You do tried to help; I'm leaving; But I think you note; Some laughs; And everything around is parts of the leaks from; Hourglass bodies broken poisoning the air; So; I won't do the math for food; And...

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4. Forró

Pen, shoe, face, birthdays, bath, heat and Kkk; Shit, soul, gloss, corn, coins; Plumbers, half bitten fruits; Half bitten fruits; Shore, sex, spring, middle east; Shame, suspension points; Gastric, be...

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5. Internest

I was trying to keep you in mind; Biological clock is ticking time; Won't forgive your indulgences too; Go away; I really wouldn't mind; if you just let me here to host; I kick and scream, she bleed a...

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6. Oh-Brlá-Brlê-Brlow

I recognize your face side; Time little strokes it gave to me; Trying to get "politically correct" fine; The more you know the more you lost; Pulling the plugs that we don't need; Wireless sex; And un...

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7. Santa's Dance

Cheap drink taking control; You shut the door on my face I'll try through the window; But the tree I used to climb; The wind blew and hooked; I'm giving to myself a recess till tomorrow; When I saw yo...

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8. Turmoil

Keep me furious; Give me nodes; Lymph node; I like; Share; Nothing that important but somebody would love; And misbehave; Like a kid; Seems we picked the side we'll sell to the other one; A spotlight ...

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9. You Never Cared To Us

Shop this for tonight; New artist online; And the food is great; Bubbles in the market of noise; Can't sustain the violence for fun; Coughing dopamine; We low the price if you're homeless; Sale in pac...

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