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1. Break What's Broken

Go a head and lead me on; Tell me you never do this; Take my keys and steal my kiss; Let the lies roll off your lips; You go ahead and lead me on; Tonight; A little bit of wrong could be alright; And ...

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2. Could it be

I'm finally holding; What I've been hoping for; We had a few drinks; Had some laughs at the bar; Stayed out too late; And went a little too far; Oh but wakin' up; With you on my chest; I had a poundin...

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3. Love Don't Die Easy

You can starve me for affection; Till my soul's just skin and bone; And make the words "I'm sorry"; Feel the same as throwing stones; In a room full of you; I might be standing all alone; But love don...

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4. Young To See

I won't forget the day I found; My first place on the edge of town; A few milk crates, a beat-up couch and an old Tv; A little rundown, a little bit small; But to me it was the Taj Mahal; It's just on...

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