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1. Hello Alone

Hello alone, it's you and me again; How can we pretend we've never met; Hello alone, you might as well come in; We've been making beds for too long now; I never told you that I want you; I thought I h...

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2. I Love Your Smile

Darling, I hate to see you so angry with the world; If people want a piece of you; Then they're missing something for themselves . Maybe it's selfish of me to look at you an say; "Come back to me girl...

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3. In Your Hands

Mother, I've gotta get out of here; So I can save our family; From this poverty; And when I make my money; I'll send it back to you; Father, Give me strength, I pray; I have to end this misery; It's c...

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4. Kick the bucket

If you say this is pop, to be singing to a tune with a rhythm like this; would it be so unpopular for a singer like me to be bringing up the fact that we're all gonna go? Some people swear, they say t...

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5. Like A Hobo

I’ve always known, since I was a young boy, in this world everything's as good as bad; Now my father told me : "always speak a true word"; And I have to say that is the best advice I’ve had. Because s...

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6. Secret Girl

I could tell you there's no fireworks; I could say they rang no bells; But there are just some things I cannot tell; And the air it seems much cleaner; In these streets where my feet dwell; She crept ...

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