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1. Candy Mountain

Oh when you're down and you're looking for some cheering up; Then just head right on up to the candy mountain cave; When you get inside you find yourself a cheery land; Such a happy and joy filled and...

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2. In The Ocean Blue

When you're feeling all alone; The world's a drone; And nobody's shown; any love to you; When your heart is; cold as stone; Just change your tone; Get rid of that groan; and the world will too; Come s...

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3. Put A Banana In Your Ear

Charlie you look quite down; With your big sad eyes; And your big fat frown; The world doesn't have to be so gray; Charlie when your life's a mess; When you're feeling blue; Or are in distress; I know...

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4. The Millipede

I am the Millipede; I am amazing; I command you to; gaze upon my face; You'll never find someone; charming as I am; I'm the swankiest bug out in space; I'm a star; I'm a god; I'm a thing to behold; Th...

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