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We all know Billy McNeill, he was the Celtic club captain
known to all as Caesar, and a perfect gentleman
he signed in the 50s, with number 5 upon his back
his last game was a Hampden, and the Scottish cup came back.

He's our greatest club captain the King motivator
a mentor, a manager, a Celtic folk hero
with the first team in Britain to be champions of Europe
Still now, Billy McNeill, he's the man.

I know Billy McNeill, saw him just the other day
walking into to Paradise in usual chest out way
always polite to everybody and they never ask for more
to every Celtic supporter, he's Mr Celtic to the core.

Lets go back to Lisbon, on that sunny day in May
the year was 67' and the cup was won that day
as Billy stood up high there with the Cup held in his hand
the name of Glasgow Celtic was heard throughout the land.


Oh... I know Billy McNeill, saw him only yesterday
we got talking about the good old times and how it used to be
he told me of his 9 league flags and his 7 Scottish cups
and his famous nights in Europe and his love for his dear club.

Chorus twice

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