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From a Lanarkshire town, came a man of great renown
Received an education, working under-ground
A bevan boy by trade, he worked and then he played
With Albion Rovers, he soon made the grade.

Because Jock Stein was a man, who was always in command
He didn’t give a damn if you’re a Billy or a Dan
He was the greatest ever seen, an he love the Bhoys in green
Jock Stein, was a Celtic fan.

For seven years or more, he made the Rovers roar
Then in 1950, he set out to explore
In Wales he settled down, with Llanelli Town
When he started full time football, a new lease of life was found.


In 51 of late, a simple twist of fate
Brought him back to Scotland, and through the Parkhead gates
To captain he progressed, and he brought some great success
The double and the Coronation Cup with us he blessed.


He crossed the Country wide, to a new Dunfermline side
He brought them Scottish glory, and a European pride
He moved to Hibs, and then to Paradise again
Soon the trophy’s started coming again and again.


13 years had gone, big Jock he move on
He won the European Cup in Lisbon in the sun
With 9 flags in a row, and silverware galore
And a whole generation was sad to see him go.


To Elland Road was bound, but he never settled down
The Scottish fans were calling him back to his native town
Then in 1985, we last saw Jock alive
But he left us special memories right up until he died.


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Número de Palavras 241
Número de Letras 1346
Intérprete Charlie & The Bhoys

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