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1. B.i.g.o.t.r.y

Donald Findlay QC is an ugly man, and is dumb as any dam kid; And when you mention I.R.A. he dam near flips his lid; Words like T.A.I.G. taig, or C.E.L.T. Celt; these are words that make his funny wig...

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2. Bhoys Against Bigotry

If you come from Belfast Town, Derry City, County Down; The Calton, Tullygally, or from Bray; you can come along and see 'Bhoys against Bhigotry'; but don’t you sing 'Boys of the Old Brigade'; Fergus ...

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3. Big Jock Stein

From a Lanarkshire town, came a man of great renown; Received an education, working under-ground; A bevan boy by trade, he worked and then he played; With Albion Rovers, he soon made the grade. ; (cho...

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4. Billy Mcneill

We all know Billy McNeill, he was the Celtic club captain; known to all as Caesar, and a perfect gentleman; he signed in the 50s, with number 5 upon his back; his last game was a Hampden, and the Scot...

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5. Celtic Over All

In 1888 me boys a group of Irish men; Had formed a brand new Football team in Glasgow’s dark East End; And Brother Walfrid then addressed them in St. Mary’s hall; He said Celtic first and Celtic last ...

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6. Drunken Duncan

Poor old Duncan Ferguson’s a man of great renown; He played against the Teddy Bears in dear old Dundee town; Now Walter was defiant, he signed this gentle giant; So he donned the red white and the blu...

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7. Eire Girl

Way on the other side of the Liffy, deep in the bustle of Ireland; I met a young girl; she looked mighty fine, long red hair and green Irish eyes; Standing on a corner near the famous GPO; She asked i...

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8. Four Leaf Clover 2

When I was just a little boy; One Christmas morn I leapt with joy; I saw what Santa brought for me; A Celtic jersey under the tree. ; (chorus); With a Four Leaf Clover on my breast; And the Green and ...

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9. Gazza

Bairds Bar called when they got the word; they said "I suppose you've heard"; about Gazza. ; Well I went to the telly and I stuck up the text; I said to myself well what the hell next; the huns have g...

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10. The Glasgow Irish

I was born in Glasgow and was raised the Irish way; and I sure know wrong from right; but there is one thing I can never understand; what's wrong with living here and loving Ireland? Chorus; I'll sing...

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11. The Spirit Of Celtic

We are Scottish, we love Glasgow Celtic; we follow our team, everywhere they go; we are part of, the famous Celtic family; and we know, there's gonna to be a show. ; We are Irish, we love Glasgow Celt...

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