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1. Behind Closed Doors

My baby makes me proud; Lord, don't she make me proud; she never makes a scene; By hangin' all over me in a crowd; 'Cause people like to talk; Lord, don't they love to talk; But when they turn out the...

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2. Rebound

Look out baby I'm after you; You done something to me that you ought not do; Played me up and now you've made me blue; And I'm lonely; Well, I guess I'm on the rebound; That's what people say; I lost ...

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3. The Most Beautiful Girl

Tell her, "I'm sorry."; Tell her, "I need my baby."; Oh.... Won't you tell her that I love her. ; I woke up this morning and realized what I had done; I stood alone in the cold gray dawn; I knew I'd l...

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