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1. Home

Another summer day; Has come and gone away; In paris and rome; But i wanna go home; Maybe surrounded by; A million people i; Still feel all alone; I just wanna go home; Oh, i miss you, you know; And i...

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2. I Can't Lie

It's 3am and I'm wide awake; Just four more hours and I'll be late; It's a waste of my life at the same old place; It's been while since the rainy day; When's it gonna be my turn; To get what I have g...

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3. The Way I Do

Wave and smile; She walks right by my side; All this time; She brightens up my darkest time; I've been sitting alone at this table for far too long; And I've been thinking about what it is I'm doing w...

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4. Things I Can't Change

Do you remember what you said; Two years ago this day; You said you'd never let me slip away; That night you took me by surprise; No make up no disguise; You took me back inside and then I knew that I...

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