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1. Beat Your Attitude

Beat your attitude to other level – higher level; It will carry you and me; To the found of all the seas; Places you have never seen; Never heard and never been; I will never give up never give in - y...

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2. Deceased

What you kept inside you; Is a killing knife now i can see it; Turned its blade making you sick; Your fighting was in vain; Now your body is just in pain; Before i lost you for good; I wanted to see y...

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3. Hunting You

I get so confused; I don’t know who’s hunting who; It’s a game of pleasure and pain; When i run in the woods; This is a trap for you; This is a trick i made you do; Giving up is easy to do; I watch yo...

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4. I Shed

Every now and then man sink; But I´m drowned my own drink; So, side with me and you will see; I´m not a man I used to be; My grief is deeper than you see; Look inside of me I shed my bitter tears; Dis...

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5. In This Storm

This speed, sound of old street; All these figures are changing; Passing cars, woods and this blowing wind; Is taking me i don’t know where to; All i had to do these miles; I had to go through; In thi...

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6. In Velvet

Why did you go so soon; Rooms are still warm; Your old rumors are hunting you; Your blood is running in you; And you still wonder why; Won’t you be my guide; I need no one; My life is full of your nee...

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7. Kolmen Kuusen Kylä

Täällä korvessa unelmista haaveillaan; Karu totuus elämästä verhotaan; Julkisivu kauniiksi maalataan; Uskot sanaa mikä suomeksi kerrotaan ja sanotaan; Saat jopa melkein minutkin uskomaan; Samaa rataa ...

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8. My Kingdom

Faults and every fight; I have all the power now; No one sees my eyes twice; My troubled sight is seeking; Riots, faults and every fight; In my cave i’m hollow inside; I’m deepening my kingdom; I have...

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9. Painted

Temptation illusion of you; To be here to be waiting; Only silence and sound of eternity; I confront nothing but white walls of this mystery; Silence to be painted - these walls are white of you; Besi...

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10. Passed Away

I believe somebody is lonely as human can be; There´s a person just like me; I try to kill the pain inside of me; Alike dies a part of my heart; Like a child I wander with killing pain inside of me; H...

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11. Upstream

Measure it up in gold or silver; It ain´t worth it. A burden forces too low; It´s hard to crawl up all alone. ; This path took me to shore; No canoe, no way to go. This water embitters me; Don´t wanna...

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12. White Ice

Cold air is taking your breath; White ice is only a shell; You had your new fine coming; But you left it out for one night, only; You never thought it for long? Inner is a running horse, plane but str...

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13. Words Before Denying

Why raised my anger i; Dedicated all this for them; Why raised my anger i escaped; Real life far too long; Pain before desire; Fucking faith before deny; Many times i was the one to blame; I sacrifice...

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