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The sky is burning; I can feel the hot wind on my face
Starring into the black abyss, gazing at a lost horizon

The serpent's born of ashes, a rising empire's fall
A blinding flash of light, the war to end all wars

Scream - Now
Tides of war are quickly rising
Turmoil and rapture, the evil seeps out
Take arms - Kill dream
Black skies, there's no sign of the light
Can't end the war inside our hearts

As the Serpents rise out of the sea
I stand, screaming out against the Gods
As my blood turns into sulfur

Choke my faith - Drown my world
I will be the scourge of the Gods
My vision fails me
As the sky tears open above the sea

Awaken in water, reborn from the sea, clawing my way through the sand
I stand defiant, upon the burning shores
Swearing revenge, my fist to the sky, I will spill the blood of the Gods
Like an ocean of fire, the tides of war will drown us all

March on, march on, march on to war

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