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1. 2 O'clock

2 o'clock and knock at my door and then; The answer is on your lips; In your hands my girlfriend; I can't sleep at night without give you a kiss; 'Cause I love when you love me; And you love when I lo...

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2. Answer

If you want to know what I'm thinking now I'll tell; I'm thinking about you; But if you want to talk about those questions, girl; I'm here close to you; But if I ask? What's the answer? If I want to k...

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3. Blind

Boy understand if you can; Try to think as a man; You'd better find another way to pretend; Don't talk, wanna ride? There's no reason to talk; Blame yourself 'cause won't last nothing to hide; Come on...

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4. Bored Lonely American

You say that you like doing dumb things with your friends; Just to pass the time; And also say in this small town there's nothing to do; Beside get high; I know that you only fear being alone; And the...

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5. Don't Lie

If life were a highway; Would you just stray or look for directions to follow; Would you stop pretending you know where are; Don't lie; If life were made of truth, reason and acts; Would you regret al...

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6. Hate Me Love Me

Hold me and do everything to do that; Kiss me and believe you really want it; Please don't be weak; Don't think you can abuse me; Hate me, hate me, hate me for this time; Love me, love me, love me at ...

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7. Losing a Good Friend

Goodbye; We're singing sad today; 'Cause sometimes a loss is more than we can take; Don't cry; Don't let me lose my faith; Don't let this tinny heart feeling all this pain; So now; How is it gonna be?...

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