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1. Do you even

Welcome boys and girls to our show; Here at your local brand new Circus Baby's Pizza World; We are so thrilled to have you here tonight; Come watch our animatronics; Don't be shy they don't bite; We a...

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2. Mama Hates You

In the night; In the night when I'm home; Mama sleeps; Quietly in her room; Christmas eve; Knowing where presents go; Don't make a peep; Be quiet my Tattletail; Mama's scary; Mama hates you; Mama's li...

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3. Run Run

Welcome to the five nights at freddy's experience; For your safety; For the children's safety; And for those around you; Run; Let me welcome you; New comer to your job; If you listen; You'll survive t...

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4. Too Far

Looking inside my mind I see the truth; I was always the one who tormented you; This was my choice, my evil doing; 'Cause I died inside when you stopped moving; Oh; I'm, I'm, I'm; A terrible person in...

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5. Wake Up

They lurk the halls every night in my mind; Can't tell if I'm dreaming or is this real life; Oh they're killing me; Oh you're killing me; My brother I'm begging you please understand; When I cry, I re...

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6. You Can't Escape Me

Ha ha ha; I'm lurking in your closet; Never seen likes before; Anamatronic bodies; Breathing lurking at your door; We've come to terrorize you; Broken bodies with a score; We'll really never give up; ...

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7. You Can't Hide

Bring you down here in the dead of night; Keep you working; Try to survive; We are secretly watching you too; Trying our best to get at you; Run; You can run; But you can't hide; We'll always seek; We...

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