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1. From The Stare To The Storm

You know, I Have foreseen; The air folded by the lines of your stare; Your stare; Hear me out; I will shout when you can't hear me; The wind would hit hard on my back; Carrying the fierce dust of your...

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2. Hate Create

Tell me the purpose of the flesh; Is it to feel or to be felt? I peeled the scars from my skin; To find the link between blood and soul; The answer is always at hand; To create a simple role; Let my e...

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3. Mask and Mirror

As the lights dim away; The chatter slowly fades; And curtains spread apart'; Your will turns into mine; As I find your eyes among the faceless crowd; I watch you shrink before my stare; My blood is r...

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4. Swept Away

For days, I watch the sun; Considering a consent to cosmos; For a moment the sun stares back at me; Creating a shadow from a part of my soul; Healed or broken? Pulled out, escaping'; When the shadow b...

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